Suggested Family Activity: Turkey Ring Toss

Published by Library Staff on

Some of these Thanksgiving game ideas may come in handy this week to help excited children burn off some energy:

The website Hands On As We Grow offers this low-cost idea to use basic supplies to make a Turkey Ring Toss.  Instructions can be found at  Their idea uses recycled coffee creamer bottles to make pins that poster-board circles are thrown at but if you do not have those supplies, use your imagination to come up with alternatives.  Plastic drink cups could be used, for example, or recycled juice bottles or milk jugs.  You could also use cardboard recycled from shipping boxes, cereal boxes or other household items that come in a box to make your rings.  The website creators decorated their rings with craft feathers, but your children could draw their own feathers on paper to color and cut out if you do not have any available.

Another combination craft project and game activity is to make Turkey Bowling Pins by turning a plastic drink cup such as a red Dixie cup into a turkey by gluing on a triangle nose, googly eyes and feathers sticking off the back.  Make at least 6 and then take turns setting them up and knocking them over with a ball.  To turn it into a STEM activity for younger children, have them start with small bouncy balls to see if they are strong enough to knock the pins over and work their way up to larger balls such as a soccer ball or basketball.

Another great way to burn off some energy is to have a mini Pumpkin Hunt: Hide mini pumpkins around your house or yard for children to find.  If you do not have any, you could also hide fall colored Easter eggs (think yellow, orange and red) with a piece of candy inside and let your children have a Fall Egg Hunt.