Suggested Family Activity: Turkey Racing Game

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For a fun game with numbers, try out this Turkey Racing Game, courtesy of the Fun Learning For Kids website at

The supplies and basic idea are simple: After creating a number line on a piece of paper, you will use turkeys you have made out of clothes pins to race the turkeys to the end of the number line. All you need are clothes pins, googly eyes (or draw on eyes with a marker), paper, craft feathers (if you don’t have craft feathers, you could also have your kids draw those on a piece of paper, color them and cut them out) and a simple rolling die.

Another fun craft idea is to turn craft sticks (think orange, yellow or brown) into a turkey by gluing on craft feathers (or cut your own out of paper) on one end. Then add googly eyes (or draw eyes on with a marker), a red wattle and a tiny triangle of a nose for a quick but cute craft. You could also recycle a popsicle stick and paint it the color you want. This craft idea
would also make an excellent bookmark to keep your place in your favorite book this month!

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