Suggested Family Activity • You’ve Got Mail

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Suggested Family Activity • You’ve Got 📫 Mail

Children love to receive mail.  Have them create a mailbox today by recycling and reusing an old shoe box or small cardboard box and cutting a slit in the top.  Let them decorate it by covering it with paper (patterned or plain) and using crayons, markers, stickers, etc. to personalize it.  Then, make a few cute cards and letters to ‘send’ to your child to give them the thrill of opening mail intended just for them.  Don’t forget to recruit other family members to write letters and notes so that they have something to open every day.  You can also put your household junk mail in their mailbox for children to ‘help’ you open.  They will also enjoy playing ‘post office’ by helping to hand out the real mail to other members of their family.

After they have had the fun of receiving 📮 mail, let them enjoy the feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes from sending a letter or card to someone.  With paper and pencil (or markers, crayons, etc. if you have them), they can create short notes and cards to send to loved ones or drop off at neighbors’ houses to brighten their day.  Even if they or you 📧 hand deliver the cards and notes, this activity could be a great introduction in how to address an envelope and where the stamp goes.  And one final hint – stickers make a great pretend stamp, although some children might like to design their own stamps.