Suggested Family Activity • Videography

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Suggested Family Activity • Videography

Not too long ago, people recorded their favorite family events on camcorders or movie cameras.  Now, everyone carries around the same recording power on their cell phones.  You may have several short videos saved on your phone of cute things your family does or special moments during the holidays.  Have you ever thought about encouraging your children to take short recordings to make videos?  If you do, you might uncover a hidden source of creativity in your child.  Maybe they will follow the family pet around to see how it views the world or maybe they will show you a side of themselves (or their brother or sister) that you have never seen before.

Just like home videos, people used to keep their family photographs printed out and placed in albums.  Now, many people save them on their phone or computer.  To put a different spin on taking pictures, why not turn your children loose with your camera or phone and let them take pictures of whatever catches their eye.  You might be surprised at where their imagination and creativity take them!

To add another level of interest to your videos or pictures, head outside and find some interesting natural backdrops.  The grass and trees around us are becoming fuller and greener, day by day, and will make beautiful pictures.  Maybe you even have flowers or bushes in your area that are blooming that would make a great backdrop.  Little children could even bring their toys, such as dinosaurs and animal figures or superhero action figures and dolls, outside to photograph or act out a movie.  And if you have older children or teens, challenge them to make a short movie or film montage about their favorite subject that you may not know much about.

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