Suggested Family Activity: Summer Reading Daylight Appreciation

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Suggested Family Activity: Summer Reading

National Daylight Appreciation Day

Today is National Daylight Appreciation Day – a day that inspires people to take advantage of the positive benefits of sunshine.  It is always held on the Summer Solstice – the longest day of daylight we will see here in the northern hemisphere.  There are many ways you can enjoy the sun – from going outside for a short walk to finding ways to let sunlight into your home, such as by opening blinds or curtains on windows.  Who knows?  You might catch your cat sleeping in a ray of sun shining through a window – a perfect picture for our Summer Reading Program “Tails and Tales” theme.

If you decide to go outside for a short walk in the sun today, check out one of our Story Walks located at walking trails in Belmont, Booneville, Burnsville, Corinth, Iuka, Ripley, and Tishomingo.  (For a listing of all locations with addresses and other information, check out the Story Walk information on our Summer Reading Program main page.)  The Story Walk at the beautiful Mineral Springs Park in Iuka presents the story I Just Want to Say Good Night by Rachel Isadora.  As you walk around the trail, you will follow Lala as she gets ready for bed – but first she must say ‘Good Night’ to the cat, the goat, the chickens, etc.