Suggested Family Activity • Summer Gardens

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Suggested Family Activity • Summer 🍅🥒🍉 Gardens

Many summer gardens are producing lots of great fruits and vegetables right now so take advantage of the variety of local produce available to get some fresh and healthy food for your family.  Selections can be picked up from several places – your favorite grocery store, Farmer’s Markets located in many communities, or just roadside stands run by people who want to share their extra produce.  This would also be a great time for your family to try out a new food.  You may be familiar with foods such as tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, blueberries, and melons, but have you tried all the different kinds of squash available?  Or maybe eggplants or asparagus?  The produce aisles at local grocery stores are filled with lots of potential new things, so why not try some today?  Maybe you’ll reach for some kiwi, mango, or pomegranates.  Or maybe you’ll try some raw spinach or Brussel sprouts.

Trying out a new food is fun for all ages.  Children who are exposed to a healthy array of food choices are more likely to grow into healthy adults who eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Many children have aversions to vegetables and anything ‘green’ but letting them help you pick out new foods to try is a great activity to try to kindle their enthusiasm about trying new things.  Have them look at all the colors of fruits and vegetables, as well as looking at the different sizes and shapes made by nature.  After you get home and decide whether to try your selection raw or cooked, they can help look up recipes, as well as help to prepare it.  Sharing a new dish as a family also helps children avoid feeling as if they are being punished by having to eat vegetables and fruit.  So, make trying out a new fruit or vegetable a fun family adventure today!