Suggested Family Activity • Story Walk

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Suggested Family Activity • Summer Reading: Story Walk

As part of our Summer Reading Program activities, NERL is presenting Story Walks in eight of our communities.  What is a Story Walk, you ask?  A Story Walk is an outdoor reading experience where a children’s book is presented via plastic signs at various points along a walking trail.  Participants walk the trial, stopping at each sign to read the pages of the story.  NERL is proud to partner with our local communities to present Story Walks at walking trails in Belmont, Blue Mountain, Booneville, Burnsville, Corinth, Iuka, Ripley and Tishomingo.  (Click here for a listing of all Story Walk locations with addresses and other information)

The Story Walk at the walking trail in Plumrose Park in Booneville features Ryan T. Higgin’s first book, Mother Bruce and will be up later this week.  (NERL Director Dee Hare will also perform a live reading of this title in early July.)  Since today is National Egg Day, this hysterical children’s book is a perfect one to read today.   Bruce the bear just loves to eat eggs, but he finds himself in real trouble when he gets ones that are about to hatch!  Do you love eggs like Bruce?  See how many ways there are to cook an egg today.  You are probably thinking…boiled, scrambled and fried, but there are other ways like egg salad that are a perfect summer food.  Please let us see what you come up with by sharing pictures and/or videos with us.  Just email them to