Suggested Family Activity • Spring Activity Packets

Have you picked up your spring children’s activity packet from one of the branches of the Northeast Regional Library yet? It is not too late! The packets are filled with craft projects, activity sheets and coloring sheets for children to have fun doing. We even have a new spring themed set of adult coloring sheets for teens and adults who enjoy this relaxing pastime.

We love coloring at our libraries! It is fun for people of all ages and is a great way to sneak in some learning time. Coloring helps children develop the fine motor skills needed to pinch and grasp things with their fingers – a skill that is setting them up to learn how to write. Coloring helps children learn how to recognize colors and is an exercise that builds their concentration, attention span and ability to focus on a task. It is also one of the first activities that they are exposed to that lets them explore their creativity and self-expression. Coloring is beneficial to adults too – coloring helps to reduce stress and is a form of relaxation for many. It is also used in assisted living facilities to help senior adults regain the fine motor skills that are sometimes lost due to age or a medical condition such as stroke.

A fun coloring activity for this weekend is to get a roll of paper and put it on your table or on the floor. Let your kids draw a long network of roads for their cars, trucks, and other small toys. They can make a whole city scene, complete with buildings, trees, water features, and roadways. If cars and trucks are not their ‘thing’, they can draw a jungle landscape for their animal or dinosaur figures to romp in, an ocean scene for underwear creatures, the levels of a doll house for their dolls to play in or a superhero hideout for their action figures.