Suggested Family Activity: Snowman Craft

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Branches of the Northeast Regional Library will begin handing out Winter themed children’s activity packets this week so stop by and get yours soon!  These packets will be handed out through February and include suggested reading lists of Winter and Valentine’s Day themed books from NERL’s card catalog, a variety of coloring and activity sheets, as well as everything you need to make a Cotton Ball Penguin, a Snowman Name Craft, a Heart Valentine card, paper Snowflakes and color your own snow globe.

If you have marshmallows in your kitchen, you have the makings of a snowman!  The website Projects for Preschoolers offers this fun way for kids to make a snowman using large marshmallows.  The materials needed: large marshmallows, toothpicks or pretzel sticks, cupcake sprinkles, a paintbrush, and a cup of water.


  1. Carefully push a toothpick or pretzel stick into one marshmallow not pushing through the bottom of the marshmallow.  This is the bottom piece of the snowman.
  2. Stack your additional marshmallows on top the toothpick.
  3. Using the paintbrush, apply a small amount of water to the marshmallows to add eyes, mouth, and other accents.
  4. Add the arms by breaking a toothpick or pretzel sticks and push through the marshmallows.
  5. Leave the snowman overnight to harden.

You can add more color with color markers or glue on additional accents.

For additional pictures of this project, visit their website at

If all you have are small sized marshmallows, kids can make a snowman out of those too!  All they have to do is glue them onto a piece of colored paper in the shapes of three circles, one on top of the other, to make the snowman body.  Next, draw eyes, a nose and a mouth within the top circle to be the face, stick arms coming out each side and a scarf and a top hat as finishing touches.