Suggested Family Activity • Self 📸 Portraits

Published by Library Staff on

Children love to draw or color the people around them, which can sometimes be an eye-opening experience for their adult caregivers!  Have them try their hand at making self-portraits today to get them thinking about the different parts that make up their face and hair.  Plain paper will work fine, but if you have any white paper plates, they make an excellent form on which to draw face.  Crayons and markers work well but other types of craft supplies could also produce interesting results if you have them.  Let them try buttons, beads, pipe cleaners, or pom poms to make facial features or just let them cut out eye and hair pieces out of colored paper.  Another fun option is to cut different nose, eye, hair, and other features from old magazines, and let them use those to create a fun self-portrait.

To keep the fun going after they have made their self-portrait, they can continue to make funny creatures or silly faces.  Maybe they will make a monster or a fairy or an animal of some sort.  After they have finished, encourage them to tell you a story about their creation.  Working on this project with help expand their imagination and creative skills, as well as work on their language and physical dexterity in cutting and gluing the pieces.

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