Suggested Family Activity • Peep Houses

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Suggested Family Activity • Peep Houses

Do you and your family like to make gingerbread houses during the Christmas holidays? You can make a spring version by using the same type of icing and graham crackers for the gingerbread. You can build a house for marshmallow Peeps or let your favorite small chocolate bunny candies move inside. Decorate it with other chocolate bunnies and even make a nest for jellybeans or candy eggs. To make your creation completely edible, you can find edible grass in many craft stores. Tishomingo librarian Beverly Parker made a beautiful spring display to show off this fun activity so check out her pictures below.

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Another fun family activity is to have a contest to see who can guess how many jellybeans are in a container. Fill a large plastic bowl or container with jellybeans and have everyone take turns guessing how many are in it. The person who guesses closest to the actual number gets to keep all the jellybeans. But they get bonus points if they share with everyone else!

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