Suggested Family Activity • Painted 🧨 Fireworks

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Suggested Family Activity • Painted 🎆🧨 Fireworks

With the 4th of July weekend upon us, try out this fun art project with your family to make some painted fireworks:  You’ll need scissors, paper, paint, a plate (a disposable paper plate works great!), and several inner carboard tubes from a roll of toilet paper.  You can also use the inner cardboard roll from paper towels or even wrapping paper, but you will probably want to cut it in half to make the size more manageable.  Use scissors to cut slits about a quarter inch apart along one end.  When you are finished, the long, skinny carboard pieces will be what you use to apply the paint to your paper.  You can have different sized fireworks if you make some tubes with short slits (about 2.5 inches long) and some with longer slits – as far up the tube as you can go while still having something to grip.

After your tubes are cut, pour out paint (acrylic works best because it washes off kids and clothing easily) onto the paper plates – one color per plate. Dab the splayed out ends of the rolls in the paint to load up the color, then press it onto the paper, using a slight twisting motion to spread the paint around.  If you want, you can layer different colors of firework ‘blasts’ on your paper to make an exciting and multi-colored fireworks display.