Suggested Family Activity • October Activity Packs

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Suggested Family Activity • October Activity Packs 🎃

Have you picked up an October activity packet at your local library yet?  In the packet for children 6 and under, supplies are included to make both a Mosaic Paper Maple Leaf by tearing up pieces of crepe paper and gluing them to a leaf template and a Paper Plate Mummy craft project using one of our favorite basic items – white paper plates.  Another easy craft project idea for children joins together ideas from each of these projects – white paper plates and torn pieces of paper.  Children can make a Pumpkin decoration very simply with orange construction paper (or white paper colored orange) that is ripped into small pieces.  Children then glue the pieces to their paper plate.  (If you do not have any paper plates, you can just draw a pumpkin outline for them.)  Do not worry about filling in every spot – the messier the better!  Adults can then help them cut (or tear) a brown stem and some green leaves and maybe a vine wrapping around the plate to create the finishing pumpkin effect.

Another fun alternative for children (and adults) of all ages is to color a paper plate orange (or cut a pumpkin shape out of white or orange paper) and then cut apart an old magazine, looking for funny expressions on people’s faces or various parts (noses, eyes, mouth, etc.) to mix and match to make a face collage for their Jack o Lantern.  Everyone in the family can get into the fun and make one.  You can make your face scary, funny, or try to make it look like yourself!  Whatever you do, we would love to see a picture of it!  Send your pictures to