Suggested Family Activity • National Trail Mix candy Day

Published by Library Staff on

Tomorrow is National Trail Mix Day so get ready today by making up a batch of the delicious and healthy treat.  The mix was originally developed as a nutritious snack to be taken along on hikes because it is lightweight, easy to store and good for you.  Traditional versions have dried fruits (such as raisins, cherries or pineapple pieces), nuts (such as peanuts, cashews or almonds), loose granola and even chocolate chips or M&Ms!  In honor of National Trail Mix Day tomorrow, try making your family’s own version to take with you on your next family walk or for any time you’re craving a great snack.  Child-friendly versions can include pretzels or pretzel sticks, Goldfish or other small crispy snacks, or small cereal pieces like Cheerios or Chex.  To add a little sweetness, you can add marshmallows, something chocolate, or you can even get fancy with yogurt covered raisins.  Package your homemade trail mix in individual snack bags so that family members can enjoy their own servings without worrying about spreading germs with one large bag everyone sticks their hand into!