Suggested Family Activity • National Good Neighbor 🏡 Day

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Tomorrow is National Good Neighbor 🏡 Day, a day set aside each year to remind everyone that it is a great idea to get to know their neighbors.  Why is it important to know your neighbors?  Neighbors can watch out for each other when one of them is not at home or during times of stormy or wintry weather.  Neighbors can also lend a helping hand to each other, whether it is to help remove a tree limb from their yard or keep an eye on pets when you’re not at home.  Sometimes our neighbors stay our friends, even if one of you moves away.

🌳 🏡 🌳 🏘 🌳

To have a good neighbor relationship, you have to be a good neighbor in return.  So if you see someone in your neighborhood who needs help with something, whether it is mowing their yard occasionally or carrying a heavy package in for them, give them a few minutes of your time.  If you have extra produce from your garden, why not share them with a neighbor?  Or if you bake cookies for your family, take a few to a neighbor.  And don’t forget that it is always neighborly of you to check on people in your neighborhood who live alone.  Many times, they will be grateful for a short visit to get to talk to someone.