Suggested Family Activity • National Global Running Day

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Suggested Family Activity • Today is National Global Running Day

Suggested Family Activity • Today is National Global Running Day, so get those running shoes ready to run! It is a great way to get in some exercise. If you like to take daily walks with your family, you can change up your routine today and have a friendly competition to see who can run the fastest or the farthest distance in a certain amount of time. Encouraging children to run is a great way to get them out in the fresh air (and tire them out as well!), even if they just race against themselves.

Have you picked up your Summer Reading Program activity packet for Theme 1, “Local Tales” yet? Packets are available for Families, Ages 6 and under, Ages 7-11 and Ages 12 and up and include coloring sheets, activity sheets and craft projects. Our focus over the next two weeks are all the great animals we have as pets, as well as the animals that live in our surroundings. Some people like to take their pets out on their daily walks, so if you like to do that, we would love to see it! And you know that dogs can’t help but join in when children start running around them! Send your pictures or a video of your race and share it with us this summer by emailing it to

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