Suggested Family Activity • National Doughnut Day

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Suggested Family Activity • Summer Reading: Read to Your Pet

Laura Joffe Numeroff is a popular children’s book author and illustrator who brings a variety of cute animals to life in her titles.  Since we are celebrating all things animal related this summer, check out some of her funny titles from one of our local library branches.  Her first title, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, introduced the world to the highly imaginative exploits of Mouse, who is always wanting SOMETHING!  Mouse proved very popular and is also featured in If You Give a Mouse a Brownie, If You Take a Mouse to School, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and The Best Mouse Cookie.  Her character Pig has also been a favorite, appearing in If You Give a Pig a Pancake and If You Give a Pig a Party.

Various NERL staff are reading (either live or through recordings) lots of animals books this summer – one per day!  George E. Allen Librarian Sandy Donahue will be reading Numeroff’s If You Give a Moose a Muffin, a recording of which will be available next week on June 15.  (Due to publishers’ restrictions, some recorded titles will only be accessible through June 30, while others will remain until the end of July.)  To view the recordings, check our website at

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Since today is National Doughnut Day, how about reading Numeroff’s If You Give a Dog a Donut to celebrate?  Children might be tempted to see how many doughnuts you can eat without getting sick – after all, you can’t eat just one!  A better idea might be to buy a dozen donuts and see how many you can share with those around you.  You can also use Play-Doh or modeling clay to create your own “fake” doughnuts.  Decorate them any way you like and make them look delicious, just remember not to eat them!  We would love to see pictures and/or videos of this day.  Send them to