Suggested Family Activity • National Do Something Nice 🙂 Day

Published by Library Staff on

Tomorrow is National Do Something Nice Day so try to take every opportunity you can over the next few days to do something nice for those around you.  Who knows?  Your kind deed could have the power to change the course of someone else’s day from a bad one to a good one.  It often doesn’t take much time at all to do something for someone else.  It could be as simple as letting someone go in front of you in line, holding the door open for someone, or picking up your neighbor’s newspaper out of their driveway and putting it on their doorstep.

Sometimes doing something nice can be as easy as listening to someone talk.  Maybe you can help someone with a problem they are having.  Or maybe an elderly neighbor or someone who lives alone just wants someone to visit with them.  All ages can get involved with doing nice things.  Children of all ages (and adults too!) can practice giving other people compliments, which is always a nice thing to do.  And anyone who drives can notice someone’s signal in traffic and allow them into your lane if it is safe to do so or let the other driver go first whenever possible.