Suggested Family Activity • Leaf 🍂 Scavenger Hunt

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Even though it is colder outside this week, you can still bundle up to have lots of fun with your family!  Fall days are a great time to go on a spider hunt around your yard and see how many cobwebs you can find.  Some spiders (the good kind that eat annoying insects, such as mosquitos) like to build large webs stretching along the ends of porches or from the eaves or gutters of your roof to a nearby tree or fence.  Look closely at all your surroundings – some spiders’ webs are hidden in small places, such as in bushes or around flower beds.

For a fun STEM activity with your children, send them on a Leaf Scavenger Hunt: Go out to your yard ahead of time and find leaves from each of the different trees near you.  Tape or glue the leaves onto paper or index cards and write in the name of the tree from which it fell.  Then send your children out into the yard to find similar leaves from each tree.  If the wind is blowing, it makes it every more fun!  Kids can try to catch the leaves as they are falling and floating around in the air.

Don’t forget to have a fall photoshoot outside with your kids before the round of Christmas holidays begin.  You can take pictures of them doing fun things like jumping in piles of leaves, trying to catch a falling leaf (some people say you get to make a wish if you catch one), and generally taking full advantage of all the beautiful yellow, orange, and red scenery.

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