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Suggested Family Activity for Wednesday, August 12

Would you like to try to improve your memory?  Who wouldn’t, right?  Try this fun family game from the book Family Fun & Games to test your families’ powers of observation. Put about 20 small objects on a tray or a table.  Cover them with a cloth so that nobody can see them yet.  Uncover the objects and allow the players about 3-5 minutes to try to memorize them.  The players are not allowed to make any notes.  At the end of the time limit, cover the tray with the cloth again and give each player a pencil and paper.  The players must write down as many objects as they can remember.  The winner is the player who remembers the most objects.  For families with young children, the game could be modified to use less objects.  The children could then tell the adult what objects they remember, instead of having to write them down.

Your local library branches also have lots of books that could help you improve your memory, including 101 Ways to Improve Your Memory and 12 Steps to a Better Memory.  Great picture books for children include The Forgetful Bears by Larry Weinberg, Seriously, Snow White was SO Forgetful! by Nancy Loewen and Ollie Forgot by Tedd Arnold.

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