Suggested Family Activity

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Suggested Family Activity for Monday, August 17

Did you know old magazines have a variety of fun and educational uses? For one thing, they have lots of bright pictures and illustrations that children can cut out to make collages. A collage is a piece of art that is made by using various types of paper like photographs, colored and textured paper or things cut from magazines. Magazines are also great because they have lots of brightly colored words in headlines that can be cut out. Children can make collages out of magazines and even add in their own drawing and writing. They are also an inexpensive tool parents can use to teach toddlers the names of things or what letters stand for. Parents can go through a magazine with a toddler and have them point out any “A”s they see, and so on.

Magazines are also a great source of what is called “environmental print”. This term refers to signs, logos and symbols that children see everyday and can recognize without being able to read. For example, even children who don’t know how to read can recognize the Golden Arches symbol as belonging to McDonald’s or that the red sign on the road is a STOP sign. For younger children, they can make their own environmental print book by folding 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper in half long wise and then stapling them together. Children can then cut out pictures from the magazine and write the names of what they go to, an activity that is also a great way to practice hand writing. Magazines are also a great thing to use for toddlers just learning how to use scissors!

Some of your local library branches may have free or low-cost magazines that you can pick up during curbside delivery. The Headquarter library in Corinth has lots of free magazines that are yours for the asking, so call today!