Suggested Family Activity

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Suggested Family Activity for Monday, August 10

Yesterday was National Book Lovers Day!  If you didn’t celebrate it yesterday, take as much time as possible today sitting in your favorite place and reading – and don’t forget to turn off your phone.  Adults can set a good example for their children by letting them see you reading for fun.  Reading a book together is also a wonderful way for families to connect to each other.  The benefits to children are immeasurable.  You can also record a video or sound recording of you reading a favorite story for a child so that they can watch or listen to it when you’re not home.  Another great way to celebrate the love of books is by giving a copy of your favorite book or one that you think they might like to someone you know – maybe a neighbor or a friend or someone else in your family.

You know who loves books the most?  The people who work at your local library branch, of course!  Let them know what books you love, and they will help you find others that you might like.  Librarians are always happy to help you find new things to read, even if it’s on the phone or by email during this pandemic.  So contact one today!