Suggested Family Activity for Friday, July 24
Make a family time capsule: Have each person in your family write down something that has happened recently that has been important to them (small children can tell their event to a grown-up to write down.) One idea to make the activity even more meaningful could be to include a note about something that you have been grateful for during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Put everyone’s thoughts, along with a special item from each person, into a box. Store it away in a closet or under a bed until sometime in the future. It could be as long as 5 years from now or as short as a few months. New Year’s Eve 2020 or New Year’s Day 2021 would be a great day to pick for a shorter time span. On whatever day and year you choose, gather your family together and open up your time capsule to see what your ‘past self’ was thinking!
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