Suggested Family Activity • Entertaining 🧸Toddlers

Published by Library Staff on

If you are looking for ways to entertain your toddler, while also gently teaching them kindness, empathy, and responsibility, try these activities:  Give them a doll or plush toy, and encourage your child to hold, talk, dress, and take care of it for the day.  Demonstrate what kind of behavior you expect to see in this ‘game’ by showing your child how to treat their doll or stuffed animal gently instead of being rough with it.  Also show them how to talk to it in a nice tone of voice and ask your child to mimic how and what you say.  This fun activity also encourages their creativity and imagination, as well as their language and social skills.

Another fun activity for young children is to hide a toy somewhere in the room or house, depending on how mobile they are, and ask them to find it.  Use verbal cues such as “warmer” and “colder” to guide them.  This is also a great time to work on directional concepts, such as “left,” “right,” “up,” “down,” etc.  If you hide the object in a dark area, it will also be fun to use flashlights to help them look.

For more learning activities and entertaining coloring sheets for pre-school aged children, don’t forget to pick up your Early Literacy activity packet before September ends.  It has sheets to help your child learn letters, numbers, and colors, as well as two sheets of practice paper to start practicing writing their name or letters.