Suggested Family Activity • Egg and Spoon Race

Have you ever competed in an Egg and Spoon race?  This classic outdoors game dates back to the late 1800s.  To introduce this fun activity to your family, all you need are eggs and wooden or metal spoons.  The traditional game used raw eggs but for less mess when they fall (and they will fall!), you can substitute hard-boiled eggs instead or even plastic eggs.  Kids can do this activity by themselves to see how fast they can go without dropping the egg or you can have a family race to see who wins.  If you have enough participants, you can even increase the difficulty by having the race relay-style, where you team up with a partner and try to hand off the egg to the other person part-way through the race.

With Easter just around the corner, plastic Easter eggs are everywhere.  You may have plenty left over from year to year or they can be purchased very cheaply at dollar stores.  In addition to hiding them, there are lots more you can do with them:  You can fill them with jellybeans or other small candies and have an Easter Egg Toss.  Kids can toss them back and forth, trying not to break them open until it is time to enjoy the treats inside.  For young children learning the letters of the alphabet, you can print an upper-case letter on one piece of an egg and a lower-case on the other piece.  Mix all the pieces up and then help children find the matching letters.  Another fun idea is to put a letter on one piece of an egg and a sticker with a picture of something that starts with that letter on the other piece, such as “B” for bunny.  Yet another fun learning idea is to write several letters on one piece of an egg, such as “b”, “c” and “m”.  On the other piece of the egg, write other letter sound combinations such as “at”, “an”, etc.  Then rotate the pieces of the egg to show children how to make words, such as “bat”, “cat”, “man”, etc., using the letter and sound combinations.

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