Suggested Family Activity • Earth Day

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Celebrate Earth Day tomorrow with the branches of NERL as we explore ways that everyone can make small changes in their daily lives to save the Earth and its valuable resources.  Some of the subjects discussed during Earth Day activities may sound scary or confusing, such as “climate change,” “renewable fuels,” and “carbon footprint.”  You may wonder what one person, or one family, can do to help the Earth, but all it takes are small actions to make a big difference.   To help introduce the subject to young children, check out some of these titles from your local library branch:

Hey Little Ant by Philip M. Hoose tells the story of a little boy who wonders if it really makes a difference if he squishes an ant or not.  The Great Kapok tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry explores the plant and animal life destroyed when tropical rain forests are cut down.  Rachel: The Story of Rachel Carson by   Amy Ehrlich tells the story of one of the first persons to call attention to the damage being done to the environment.

Some of the small things that you and your family can do every day to help the Earth include things such as recycling everything you can, either by turning recyclable trash into a recycling center, repurposing an item into something else to continue using it or passing it along to someone else if you do not need it anymore.  Your family can also   shop at secondhand stores, thrift stores, yard sales, and similar places instead of buying new items whenever possible.  When you do need new items, you can also look for things that have very little packaging that needs to be thrown away.  Other small actions include turning lights off when you leave a room, planting trees to produce more oxygen or plants that will attract bees and butterflies, not letting water run when you are brushing your teeth or combining your errands into one trip so that you get several things done at one time instead of making individual trips out daily, which uses more gas.

This week, NERL branches will be handing out Earth Day pledge cards (pictured below) for you to write down one thing you are willing to do to help the environment.  The cards will be displayed on branch windows and doors for several weeks after Earth Day.