Suggested Family Activity • Competition

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#SuggestedFamilyActivity • Competition

When it is cold outside, it is sometimes hard to get everyone up and moving around! Some ideas to get your family up and moving this weekend include:
Have stacking contests – see who can stack the most blocks, plastic cups or other non-breakable items. To turn it into a competition, set a timer to see who can build the biggest tower the fastest. (And to turn it into a teaching opportunity, talk about what makes one person’s stack more stable than another’s.) You can also hold a Guinness Book of World Records style competition by seeing who in your family can balance a book on their head the longest. Who can do the most jumping jacks? Who can touch their toes the most times? You can even get your kids to help you come up with some fun records to set!

You can also get younger kids who have been cooped up inside moving by giving them things to find and bring back to you, such as something in a particular color (“Bring me something red”) or a particular shape (“Bring me something that is round”). For children just learning their alphabet, you can have them bring you something that starts with certain letters of the alphabet. And if they are learning how to count, you could ask them to bring you 1 of something, then 2 and so on. Don’t forget when you’re finished, though, to get them to return the items where they belong!

If your family likes to dance, put on some music and have an indoor dance party to burn off some energy in fun way. You can also play a fun game of outdoor bowling by filling water balloons with water (make it fancy by tinting it with a little food coloring or leave it plain) and letting the balloons freeze overnight. The next day, break the balloons off and use the frozen water balloons outside for a fun sidewalk or driveway bowling game.

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