Suggested Family Activity • Cat and Mouse Game

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Suggested Family Activity • Summer Reading: Cat and Mouse Game

Here’s a fun game that your family may not have tried before – Cat and Mouse.  For this game, you will need a large bed sheet or tablecloth and at least four players.  Here’s what you do:  One player is picked to be the cat and one player to be the mouse.  All the other players kneel on the ground holding onto the edge of the sheet.  The cat’s mission is to find and tag the mouse so as the mouse crawls around under the sheet, the cat crawls around on top of the sheet trying to do that.  While the cat is trying to catch the mouse, the rest of the players shake the sheet up and down or side-to-side, puffing up the sheet so that the cat has difficulty seeing and finding the mouse.  If the cat tags the mouse, that turn is over. Then, the mouse becomes the cat and a new player becomes the mouse.

Don’t forget to check out our Summer Reading Program virtual program by Deb Davis from the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson.  Deb is a yearly favorite at our NERL branches and has graciously recorded programs for us these last two years.  We hope to see her back in our branches soon for live programming!  Her virtual program is available on our website, at the bottom of the Summer Reading Program page.