Suggested Family Activity • Better Breakfast Day 🧇🍳🥓

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September is Better Breakfast Month 🧇🍳🥓a time to celebrate what some people believe to be the most important meal of the day.  Taking time to eat breakfast can have helpful health benefits, as many nutritionists believe that starting your day by eating a regular morning meal can help control weight by setting a pattern of eating smaller, healthy meals throughout the day.  Eating first thing in the morning also gives our bodies energy to get through our day.  Children who have a healthy breakfast before school often think more clearly and behave better while they are at school.

A great breakfast should contain a balance of all the major food groups – protein, dairy, fat, and carbohydrates. Including some of each in your breakfast will help you to make it to your next meal without resorting to mindless snacking.  It also may help improve your family bonding if your family makes a habit grabbing a quick bite to eat together each morning before everyone heads out the door.

Sunday, September 26 is Better Breakfast Day 🧇🍳🥓 What will you eat for breakfast?  Cereal, milk, and a banana?  Pancakes, waffles, or French toast?  Toast, sausage, or bacon?  If you need ideas for new things to try for breakfast, check out some of the cookbooks available at your local library branch, including Morning Food: Breakfasts, Brunches & More for Savoring the Best Part of the Day by Margaret S. Fox and A Real American Breakfast: The Best Meal of the Day, Anytime of the Day by Cheryl Alters Jamison.









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