Suggested Family Activity

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If you and your children like to make crafts out of the imprints of their hands and feet, you can easily turn your child’s hand into a Thanksgiving turkey.  Paint the palm of their hand and their thumb with a thick layer of brown acrylic paint and then paint each finger a different color such as orange, red, yellow and green to be the feathers.  Press the hand firmly onto a sheet of paper to leave an imprint.  When the paint has dried, add in finishing details such as eyes, a beak, a wattle and feet.  Check out our picture below for inspiration!  Here is a cute poem you can type out to put with your turkey picture as well:

This Isn’t Just a Turkey
As Anyone Can Plainly See.
I Made It with My Hand
Which is a Part of Me.
It Comes with Lots of Love,
Especially to Say,
I Hope You Have
A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Another fun craft project to make using your child’s hand as a template is a Grateful Pumpkin:  All you need are orange and green paper, a green pipe cleaner, a hole punch and a pen or marker.  Start by cutting a sheet of orange paper into 1-inch strips.  On each strip, have your child write down (or tell you what to write) something for which they are grateful this Thanksgiving.  Punch a hole in each end of each strip.  Next, trace around your child’s hand on the green piece of paper and cut it out.  On the palm area, write “I am thankful for”.  Punch a hole at the bottom of the green paper hand as this will go on top of your pumpkin to be the leaves. Thread the strips of orange paper onto the pipe cleaner so that they fan out to make a rounded shape.  (See our example below.)  Twist the bottom end of the pipe cleaner to hold the pieces together.  Thread your green hand on the top and twist the top of the pipe cleaner so that it looks more leaf-like.  Everyone in your family could make one of these for a great display or centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!