Suggested Family Activity

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Today, why not make a journal jar? A journal doesn’t just have to be a diary or a recording of what you did every day. It can also be a book where your child can write about ideas they have, make up stories, draw pictures or answer questions such as, “If you could do anything at all next summer, what would you do?” This is where the journal jar comes in – it’s where you store all the story ideas, prompts and questions to use when your child wants to work on their journal. You can use a wide-mouth Mason jar, recycled peanut butter jar or similar type of jar that has been washed, cleaned and dried thoroughly. (Here’s a tip: If you can’t get the smell out of an otherwise clean jar, try putting two or three spoonful of coffee or baking soda and sealing it up for a few days. Either one of these should absorb the smell.) You can even decorate it however you like, for example with glitter paint, ribbons or a sticker. Then write or print out writing prompts, ideas and questions and put them into the jar. Each day, have your child draw a slip and draw and write in their journal, depending on what the slips says to do.

For your journal, you can use plain pieces of paper stapled together, a small notebook or notepad or an actual journal. One that has blank pages will inspire those who love to draw pictures, while those with printed lines will help beginning writers.

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