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Suggested Family Activity for Wednesday, August 26

Today is National Dog Day so give your four-legged friend a big hug to show them your love! National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, whether pure or mixed. It honors family dogs as well as dogs that work selflessly to save lives, such as medical service dogs and those used by local police departments and search and rescue teams.

To celebrate this day, draw a picture of your dog. You could also write down a funny story about your dog and illustrate it. If you don’t have a dog, draw a picture or write a story about a service dog you have heard about. Make sure to give your special friend lots of quality time today by brushing them, taking them out for a long walk, giving them doggie treats or taking pictures of your dog. You could also help out an elderly or disabled neighbor or someone else who needs help by offering to walk their dog for them.


National Dog Day also hopes to bring attention to the thousands of dogs who need a good home. If you would like a dog of your own, visit your local animal shelter to find out how to adopt one! You could also ask them for ways to help, such as volunteering to walk dogs in the shelter or just give them some play time with a person. Some shelters also let volunteers help clean out cages. They could also use donations of newspapers, blankets, food and toys for the toys. For more information about dogs in general or how to take care of one, ask your local librarian to find you a book at the library.

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