Suggested Family Activities: Summer Reading Game Farmer May I

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Suggested Family Activities

Summer Reading Game: Farmer May I

Play this variation of the classic game Mother, May I this week … but since we are celebrating all the animals found on farms, have the Farmer calling out the steps instead of ‘Mother’.  This game can be played with several players or with just two.   Before you begin, you will need to pick a starting point and a finish line for the players.  The person who is “Farmer” stands in front of the other player(s).  The Farmer calls on each player in turn and gives them instructions, such as “take two GIANT steps.”  The player who was called on must then say, “Farmer, may I?”  The Farmer then responds either, “Yes”, and the player can take the steps forward, or “No,” if the player did not ask correctly.  (Another variant is that the player must go back to the starting point.)

In the spirit of “Farm Tales”, Farmer can ask that players waddle like ducks, hop like a bunny, prance like a horse or perform other animal actions.  The Farmer could also have players make animal noises as they move towards the finish line.

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Suggested Family Activities