Suggested Family Activities • Celebrate Look Up at The Sky Day

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Suggested Family Activities • Celebrate Look Up at The Sky Day

Beverly sent this pic of the sunset in Trinity, Alabama near Huntsville.

Celebrate Look Up at The Sky Day today and explore the splendor that rests just over our heads. Start out by checking out the sky during the day. If you have young children, ask them questions about what they can observe. What colors do they see up there? Blue and white? If it is overcast or even stormy today, you might see a lot of shades of gray or even black, green or orange colors. If you can catch a sunrise or sunset, you might even see pinks and purples. Can they see anything moving across the sky, such as a plane, a bird or maybe a kite? If they see a plane, you can talk about the white vapor trial that is sometimes visible, even when the plane is too small to see. If you see a bird flying by, can you tell what kind it is?

If the weather is nice, take a blanket outside and lie back and watch the clouds. It is always fun to see what kind of shapes clouds can make. This is a great activity for young children to express their creativity and use their imagination. You can also ask them if the clouds are staying still or are they moving? If they are moving, is it very fast or a slow, drifting sensation? If you have older children, and need help explaining the different types of clouds, check out a book from your local library branch such as The Cloud Book: How to Understand the Skies by Richard Hamblyn.

Go back outside and look at the sky again tonight. How is it different than during the day? What colors do you see now? Can you still see the clouds? Hopefully, you will be able to see stars and even the moon. If you want help identifying what patterns the stars make, check out a book about constellations from your local library.