Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

For the purpose of promoting the Library’s mission to “inform, serve, educate, and enrich our community,” Northeast Regional Library participates in various social media applications allowing library employees and the community to interact through virtual communication. This policy governs the publication of and commentary on official Northeast Regional Library social media sites. These social media sites include, but are not limited to, the Library’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Website, and Blog. The Library’s use of social media sites may include program promotion, reference help, or other similar activities to further the Library’s mission. Content posted will adhere to all Northeast Regional Library policies.

Library-Generated Content:

Top-level content on the Library’s official social media sites will be posted by authorized Library employees. Employees should conduct themselves as representatives of the Library when posting through official social media accounts, and all content posted should reflect the mission of the Library. In addition, all content posted by library employees will adhere to the guidelines for public-generated content listed below.

Public-Generated Content:

In the spirit of a free and open spread of information, comments, posts, messages and other interactions are welcome on all Library social media accounts. While the Library recognizes and respects there are differences in opinion, interactions will be regularly monitored and reviewed for content and relevancy. Postings which contain any of the following will be removed and the poster may be banned from posting any subsequent messages to the Library’s social media sites in the future:

  • Content that could be considered obscene or racist
  • Statements that contain profanity
  • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
  • Comments unrelated to the original post
  • Commercial promotions or spam
  • Potentially libelous statements
  • Plagiarized or copyrighted material
  • Private, personal information that was published without consent
  • Organized political activity
  • Photos or other images that fall into any of the above categories
  • Employment opportunities