Literary Etsy Costumes

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Literary Etsy Costumes

If you’re like me and wondering how it’s October already and how the heck you’re expected to have already picked out a costume, I have good news. Well, sort of good news. The good news: this list of literary Etsy costumes will definitely satisfy all your costume needs! The bad news: it’s already October, my friends, so you may be picking out your costumes for next year. Just think of it as finally getting really, really ahead for once.

And whether you’re looking for a unique Harry Potter costume or a storybook look for book character dress up day, you’re sure to find something here.

First things first, get this steampunk Slytherin costume from Silver Leaf Costumes because you need it in your life. (And if you want to deck out the whole crew, find the Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor versions, too).

Get this adorable Gruffalo costume from Maii Berlin, you know you want to.

Got a spunky little one who would shine as a Shakespearean fairy? Try this fairy costume with big Titania vibes from Atelier Spatz on for size.

Captain Underpants to the rescue with this Captain Underpants cape from 4 Seesters!

Feeling like an adventurer up for a long journey? Try this Frodo Baggins costume from Elsa Emporium. Don’t forget to let that foot hair grow out to really sell the look.

Pair together this mouse jumper from Wild Things Dresses and this cookie costume from Memories Made By Rose for the perfect If You Give a Mouse a Cookie look.

Head on over to grandma’s house for some trick-or-treating with this Little Red Riding Hood costume from Two Points Couture.

Want something super spooky? Doesn’t get much spookier than murder clowns, so you might like this Pennywise costume from Gifts SeasonIt will be very scary. *exaggerated pun wink*

What’s cuter than a couple of babies? A couple of babies dressed up in these Mandrake hats from Hush Little Baby Crafts. Just don’t forget your earmuffs.

This adorable Olivia the Pig dress and headband are available from Lolah Pop Vintage Baby.

For a unique Harry Potter costume, get one of these Phoenix costume from Tree and Vine for an impressive Fawkes look.

To show off your general love of reading, dress up in this Book Fairy costume from Restyled Costumes.

This Kiki costume from Shecos will have you looking just like the title character from Kiki’s Delivery Service—broom and black cat not included.

Ron Weasley’s Dress Robes from Ms. Stitchery Witchery are a truly iconic look.

These Hufflepuff Quidditch robes from Queen Nerd Co are perfect for the proud sporty ‘Puffs out there.

A timeless Madeline costume from Lolah Pop Vintage Baby can never go wrong.

If you want a low-maintenance Harry Potter costume, this Gryffindor dress from OLO Designs might do the trick.

Have some little ones who would look adorably tiny in these Baby Hobbit costumes from Era of Make Believe? Doesn’t get much cuter than tiny hobbits.

Look adorable and fierce in this Wonder Woman dress from Lover Dovers Clothing.

Grab one of these Max costumes from The Playtime Shop and this Wild Thing costume to go along with it from Boo Bah Blue for the perfect Where the Wild Things Are look.

These Pooh and Piglet rompers from Tsudama Twins are the cutest things ever.

Probably the trendiest literary/pop culture costume of 2019: a Sabrina dress from Gift Fantasy.

Take a trip through the looking glass for some trick-or-treating in this Alice in Wonderland costume from Mayela Couture.

And if one of these bookish Etsy costumes didn’t catch your fancy, check out some more ideas in Book Riot’s list of literary Halloween costumes, these Alice in Wonderland costumes, or the best bookish Halloween costumes of 2018.