Happy Halloween!

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Halloween 2018 – October 31

Halloween 2018 – October 31

Ask any group of people which holiday is their favorite, and you’re bound to find a handful that scream “Halloween!” It’s a time of the year when we can laugh at our own superstitions, temporarily escape our skin, and be ourselves in ways that … well, in ways that might be a little weird any other time of the year. It’s October 31st, and we’re going trick or treating!



1. Trick or Treating (or handing out candy)!
If you’re too old for trick or treating, it’s time to return the favor! You could try handing out candy from your own home, or if you’ve got young relatives that need a chaperone, you could offer to show them the ropes!

2. Get Scared at a Haunted House
Lose control for a little while! Haunted houses can be a fun group affair — you’ll likely be surprised at who jumps the most — but they might be a little too terrifying on your own!

3. Go to a Halloween-themed Concert
Halloween is a big night for concerts, and it’s likely that your favorite artists are changing up their setlists for a night to be remembered. If your favorite band is playing a show on Halloween, you don’t want to miss it!


A. Express Yourself!
Halloween gives us a reason to see a different side of ourselves. Whether you go for goofy, or opt for spooky, this ghoulish holiday is the day to don a costume and go wild!

B. An [Awesome] Excuse To Party
Is there a better day of the year for groups of all ages and cultures to party into the night? Halloween seems to know no boundaries, and it can speak to groups across generations and continents.

C. A Night of Nostalgia
For many people across the world, Halloween brings back a lot of memories. Indoctrinated from a young age, it’s easy to see what keeps us coming back to this night filled with colors, candy, and costumes!

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