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Have you ever played the game Consequences? It’s fun and easy to do for all ages! You don’t need anything but paper and pens or pencils. (Adults can write the words down for young children). This game is particularly fun because it’s not about winning or losing – it’s all just for fun! To begin with, each person gets a blank sheet of paper. One person is picked to read out the various parts of the story everyone will be creating – they are the “Caller”. As each phrase is read, everyone writes down the word they can think of for that phrase. After each word is written down, fold down the paper so that the word is hidden and pass the paper to the person sitting on your left so that each time, you will be swapping papers so everyone ends up with someone else’s. Once you get to the end, everyone reads out the funny story they’ve ended up with! You can use any kind of theme to your story but a popular basic one to use is this sequence:
1. “A girl” (players pick a name, either made up or a famous person) 2. “Met a boy” (same as above) 3. “At/beside/in” (player picks a location) 4. “he said” 5. “she said” 6. “the consequences were” (what happened) 7. “and the world said”.
Another variation of this game is to play Picture Consequences. Instead of calling out phrases, the person who is the “Caller” starts by calling out “head” and the people playing draw a funny animal or person face. The paper is folded down and then passed to the next person. The “Caller” proceeds through body parts like arms, legs, feet, etc. Once everyone has drawn feet, they open the paper to see the completed picture.
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