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Suggested #Family Activity for Monday, August 24

Knowing how to follow instructions (whether verbal or written) is an important part of life. So is understanding how to correctly GIVE instructions to someone else. Play a game of “Tell Me How” today to review your own skills and to help little ones understand how to give step by step instructions. Have your child (or the other person you are playing with) pretend that they are writing to a space alien who doesn’t know anything about humans or our culture. (Little kids who can’t write yet can just say their steps out loud.) Fun things to choose to write about could be how to brush your teeth, how to make a sandwich or another simple kitchen task or even how to ride a bike. The directions should be step by step to tell the space alien what to do. After the child has their instructions ready, the other person pretends to be the space alien and does the steps exactly as they are written. Your child may be surprised at what they left out!
Another fun way to reinforce following directions is to play the classic game “Simon Says.” The person who is “Simon” calls out directions for things to do like jumping on one foot or blinking 10 times. Remember, you have to listen closely and only do the things “Simon” says to do. Let everyone in your family have a turn at being “Simon”.

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