Suggested Family Activity: Thanksgiving Games

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Looking for some fun ideas for the whole family to participate in this week?
Play a fun guessing game with your family by filling up a large glass jar or other see-through container with candy corn. (Whoever fills the jar will need to keep count of how many candy corn pieces there are!) Let members of your family guess how many are in the jar to receive a small prize or privilege such as being excused from chores for a few nights or extra screen time. The winner is the person who comes closest to the number without going over. This would also be a great activity to do after Thanksgiving dinner.
Another fun activity to play after dinner is the Thankful Alphabet game. This memory game helps us to remember what we are grateful for this Thanksgiving season: The first player starts with the letter A and names something that begins with that letter that they are thankful for, such as Apples. The next person takes the letter B and so on. Keep going around the table until every letter has been used. (Let us know what you come up with for X and Z!) To turn this into a memory game, you could do the same thing but each person after the first must repeat what the other person named. For example, if the first person said they were grateful for “Apples”, the second person would say, “Our family is grateful for Apples and B is for …”.
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