Family Activities: Happy New Year!

Published by Library Staff on

Happy New Year’s Day!  Welcome to 2021!  The act of making resolutions for a new year, once a popular pastime, has started to fall out of favor as people have the tendency to set unrealistic expectations. Instead of making resolutions this year, why not set goals for 2021?  Each person in your family can set individual (and realistic) goals and you can even set goals together as a family.

Maybe one of your goals will be to have less screen time and read more books.  If so, take time today to pick out and start a great new book.  Seeing the adults in their life read for pleasure shows children how much you value the activity and sets a great example for them.  You could also set a family goal of reading together for at least twenty to thirty minutes each day.  Everyone can read their own books or you can take turns reading a book out loud.  Reading out loud to younger children is essential to their development.  It has a wide range of benefits, including improving their attention span and increasing their vocabularies, just to name two.  As children grow out of hearing picture books, you can continue reading together books as a family by moving to chapter books.  Some families even continue reading out loud to each other until their children are grown!  Mississippi author Ellen Gilchrist has related in the past that at Sunday dinner parties at her house, dinner guests read out loud portions of Shakespeare plays to end the evening.

Check back next week for more ideas on goals for the new year!