Suggested Family Activity: Coloring Sheets

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Have you picked up a November packet of children’s activities for your family yet?  It’s not too late – all branches of NERL will be open Monday through Wednesday this week.  This month’s packet is filled with coloring sheets, activity sheets, craft project and game ideas, Thanksgiving inspired suggested reading lists and supplies to make several arts and crafts projects.  And do you know the best thing?  Besides being FREE, our packet will come in extra handy this week to help entertain your little ones in the exciting days leading up to Thanksgiving Day.  And do not forget, we also have detailed coloring sheets for teens and adults who enjoy the relaxing pastime, so pick up a coloring sheet packet for yourself as well!

One of the activity sheets in the packet contains an empty cornucopia, while another sheet has a variety of fruits and vegetables to color, cut out and glue into the cornucopia to make it complete.  Another activity is a Thanksgiving Placemat sheet.  Children can draw their favorite meals on this sheet.  At the top of the sheet, there is even a place to write what they are thankful for on each of the printed hearts.  Both sheets will keep help keep little ones occupied while everyone else is preparing for their big meal.

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