Fall Packets at the Library

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For a fun scavenger hunt activity this fall, check out the checklist included in the fall packets available at your local library.  It has pictures of common things you see during the fall, such as a red leaf, a pumpkin, a spider’s web and a squirrel, as well as ones that might be more hard to find, such as geese flying in a V and an owl hooting.  Go out on a nature walk in your neighborhood or at one of the beautiful nearby state parks and have a family scavenger hunt to see how quickly everyone can cross things off the list.  Maybe the winner in your family even gets a special treat!

Another fun activity you can do this week while also keeping your social distance is to pile all your family into the car and ride around and check out all the great decorations people have out.  From fall themed front porches to spooky Halloween yards, you will surely find something for everyone to enjoy.  You can even come up with your own Scavenger Hunt by making a list of things to look out for, such as a pumpkin, corn stalks, spooky ghosts or a witch.

When you carve your pumpkin for Halloween this year, don’t throw away the seeds inside.  They make a great sweet or savory snack for your family, depending on what types of seasonings you decide to put on them.  For recipes on what other people have tried, just Google “roasted pumpkin seeds” for inspiration.

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