A Letter (With Pictures) to All The Kids Who Hate Reading

A Shout-Out With Humor & Hope to Struggling Readers


I hear you, reading can be boring.

As a public librarian, I watch kids struggle with it every day. I’m here to tell you that struggle is real!

Illustration by Pop Lightning

At it’s worst, reading one book can feel like pushing a GIANT bowling ball up a never-ending hill.

Illustration by Pop Lightning

You count the pages and the minutes wondering, will this book ever end?!!

Illustration by Pop Lightning

Reading can stink, but you know what else stinks?

Wearing clothing that’s too small. Eating food you don’t like. Or listening to music you don’t like. Why? Because it’s not a fit!

Illustration by Pop Lightning

Reading is just as unique as finding the right outfit, your favorite food, or music you love.

When you try to read something that doesn’t fit you know it. You’ll find yourself getting bored, restless, and counting the pages all over again.

Illustration by Pop Lightning

So how do you find books that fit? Try answering the following 3 short questions:

Which movies or TV shows do you like?



What do you like about them?

Do you like the action? Do they make you laugh? Do you like the ones with villains? Or do you like romance?



Circle the types of shows you like:






How To Videos

Non-Fiction (e.g. books on animals, video games, cooking, robotics, and more!)


You are now on your way to finding a book that fits! Take these answers to your public/school library or local bookstore. This information will help them find the types of books you enjoy.

Illustration by Pop Lightning

If you don’t like the book they choose…

let them know why and politely ask for other recommendations.

Also, sometimes great books have terrible covers.

Remember to look at the front, back, inside flap and the first page of each book before deciding.

Illustration by Pop Lightning

The more you read what YOU like the more you’ll…(wait for it) read!

It’s really that simple.

Don’t worry if it’s a big or little book, a magazine or video game manual, a picture book or comic book, or if it’s on grade level, just find what fits you and dive in!

Happy Reading!